Best British food to try

So if your not British you know that English food gets a underserved that English food is the worst cuisine which I guarantee it is. Not . This is for anyone who is travelling to the uk

Fish and chips

Probably the most well known Uk food this dish is found everywhere . Some is salty some are bad but I would recommend fish and chips from the carvery or the Morrison’s cafe.


So you probably have never heard of a carvery but it is the good stuff . Meat veg and potatoes or chips and service with a smile and best of all it’s buffet style .

The top 3 are Crown carvery, Toby carvery and my favourite Stonebaked carvery.

Chocolate fudge cake

So I have traveled a lot and the UK has the best desserts and one of them is chocolate fudge cake my favourite dessert and it’s the must try dessert when you visit here .

Places on my bucket list

So where do you want to go?

Seoul , South Korea 🇰🇷

As a kpop fan Seoul is the dream place to visit . shops playing kpop and selling merch. You might laugh at me and call me a Koreaboo but I can admit I have a thing with Asian culture and there men 😏. And after falling in love with Korean culture I want to visit Korea when I’m older.

Don’t forget the yummy food like Korean BBQ, kimchi .

Japan 🇯🇵

Even before I go to Japan I already know I want to return. We will miss many good cities like Hokkaido, Hiroshima and Sendai. I would love a couple of weeks in Japan and really explore the place . As I am growing up I loved Japanese culture : anime, manga and video games.

I am always considering to go on a 3 week exchange program in the summer and even thinking about being a English teacher in Japan

A picky eaters guide to Barcelona

Traveling can be hard for picky eaters since your thrown head first out of your comfort zone . So your likely going to Barcelona and either  got kids that are picky eaters . You arrive in Barcelona from either your long or short flight.

You come to Barcelona not to just eat Mcdonalds but to eat the local cuisine so just learn what food is common in Spain and maybe go to a Spanish restaurant and try it . If you don`t like seafood avoid seafood paella maybe go for the meat of veg option  . Not my fave but decent the taste stays in your mouth.

I`m sure you like dessert maybe try the chocolate churros – which are lovely .


la boqueria , a popular market in Barcelona you can find many fruits and vegetables which make the market shine through the hustle and bustle of the city . A heaven for foodies but can be very busy so make sure your early! if your a picnic type of person you can find tapas restaurants serving baby squid on egg – which seems gross . Jamon or ham in English is here seeing it hung up you can get some of it you can get ham cones with cheese .

Just to warn you the smell can make you feel sick .

Central hamburger

So you might be sick of Spanish food but relax this is a good one . They have menus in English and the burgers are really good and I even went here twice

So there are many restaurants and cafes that serve chips hot dogs and pizza

Don’t let your picky eating ruin your travels

You can find ice lollies in La Boqueria. Relax I know sure you will find something to eat there are many Italian and Chinese restaurants and I have found many restaurants serve Patatas Fritas - Chips (Fries) . Also Patatas Bravas also a potato based dish.Happy Travels – Em 🙂